Specialist Cancer Massage

Massage is by far the most popular treatment KT'S offers. I'm proud and delighted to say that here at KT'S I can now offers treatments to those clients living with and recovering from cancer.  This is due to the completion of the Amethyst Trust Specialist Cancer Massage course in January 2020. 

This training also covers clients living with cancer who would like a Reflexology or Facial treatment. 

Please be aware that a full consultation will be carried out before each treatment to allow for therapies to be adapted to your individual needs and there may be some treatments which are NOT appropriate.

Swedish Massage

Enjoy a luxuriously relaxing massage to reduce stress, ease muscular aches & pains, soothe nerves and bring about a feeling of calm. This massage can be deep, moderate or gentle to meet your individual needs, using a choice of aromatic massage oils to add to your over all chill-out experience.

Full Body (60 min) -  £45.00

Back Massage (30 min) -  £28.00

Back & Head (45 min) -  £40.00

Lava Shell Massage

This environmentally friendly treatment uses beautiful Tiger Clam & Cowrie shells filled with a lava gel formula, which creates a deeply comforting heat. These smooth shells glide over your body during  a luxurious massage, easing away muscular aches and pains. The blissful warmth helps promote extreme relaxation and relieves tension deep down in the muscle fibres providing great relief from tension and stress. 

(All lava gel ingredients are packaging are non-toxic and biodegradable; the shells are harvested as a source of food.)

Full Body (60 min) -  £55.00

Back Massage (30 min) -  £35.00

Back & Tummy (45 min) -  £44.00

Tummy Massage (15 min) -  £25.00

(The tummy lava treatment is a wonderful colonic cleanse, 

helps eliminate toxins and reduce bloating, providing relief 

from IBS, colon irritation, menstruation cramps & endometriosis.)

Warm Bamboo Massage​

This treatment uses heated smooth bamboo of varying lengths and diameters to gently roll, knead and relax muscles using a deep tissue technique. It includes pressure point massage targeting and relieving deep persistent tension. This holistic massage is a luxurious experience, the comforting warmth helps melt away stress and tension relaxing muscles and resulting in a feeling of well-being.

Bamboo Mind & Body Ease (90 min) -  £70.00

(Full body bamboo massage + tension releasing head massage)

Bamboo Back & Leg (45 min) -  £42.00

Bamboo Back (30 min) -  £30.​00

Bamboo Facial Massage (45 min) -  £48.00

(KT'S Holistic Facial with luxury warm bamboo sinus drainage 

facial massage)

Crystal Massage

Massage with crystals adds a new dimension to an age old treatment by combining the many physiological & psychological benefits of a Swedish massage with the healing vibrational benefits of crystals. As well as healing our physical body the crystals work on our energy fields or aura which surrounds us, often resulting in an enhanced sometimes spiritual experience. This treatment uses a combination of smooth spheres, wands and palm stones to gently glide over the body in circular sweeping motions.

Resulting in an amazing holistic massage which can relax, balance, invigorate, relieve muscular aches, improve sleep, soothe nerves, remove toxins and generally improve the condition of mind and body.

Heavenly Crystal Soother (75 min) -  £55.00

(Indulge in some chill-out time with a full body crystal massage plus holistic crystal facial massage)

Crystal Full Body (60 min) -  £47.00

Crystal Back (30 min) -  £30.00

Crystal Back & Face (45 min) -  £42.00

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD) is a 

specialised form of massage, which involves using light pressure with very rhythmical and very precise hand movements. This technique uses a gentle pumping action on specific parts of the body to assist the lymphatic flow. 

This deeply relaxing and gentle treatment increases the flow  of lymphatic fluid towards the lymph nodes resulting in the remove of toxins & waste. 

It is very beneficial for those who have a sluggish lymphatic system, those suffering with Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Sinus Congestion, Stress and can also help strengthen the immune system.

60 minute - £50.00

WaveStone Massage

This innovative new treatment uses warmed White Jade stones which are ergonomically shaped to glide around the contours of your body in a warming relaxing massage to relieve tension & ease muscular aches and pains.

In addition to the Wavestone, this treatment also uses green Jade spheres. This includes the same benefits as having a Crystal Massage. (Please see Crystal Massage above for details)

The Wavestone Massage can be deep, moderate or gentle to meet your individual needs. 

Benefits of a Wavestone massage include stress relief, relaxation, pain relief and improvement of blood circulation.

Wavestone Full Body (60 mins) - £50.00

Wavestone Back & Leg (45 min) - £42.00

Wavestone Back (30 min) - £32.​00