KT'S Stress Buster -  £45.00

Unwind with a soothing heavenly half hour aroma facial, relax your body with a drizzle of anti-stress oil for a muscle melting back massage. Top it off with a mind calming tension releasing head massage.(60 mins)

Include Warm Bamboo Massage -  £48.00

Include Soothing WaveStones & Crystal Massage -  £48.00

KT'S Muscle Melt -  £40.00

This facial for your back includes a body brush, sea salt & seaweed scrub to gently remove dead skin cells and blackheads. Then an application of the luxurious warm hydra-thermal masque packed with essential amino acids & minerals, producing a hydrating & re- mineralising effect. Followed by a mind calming head massage and muscle melting back massage finished of with a generous application of soothing body butter. (45 mins)

KT'S Sensory Soother -  £45.00

CALM YOUR MIND - Head Massage

RELAX YOUR BODY - Back Massage

SOOTHE YOUR SOUL - Reiki OR Reflexology

Including Crystal Massage -  £48.00

KT'S Ear Candling Experience-  £40.00

Gentle soothing Ear Candling experience to help you drift away. Followed by an aroma scented sinus drainage massage of your face & ears to ease away tension, finished of with a mind calming head massage. (45 mins)

Ear Candling as a stand alone treatment -  £18.00 

KT'S Zen Therapy -  £45.00

This therapy combines traditional reflexology with 

Zu Qigong (foot energy work) in KT'S unique foot treatment - KT'S Zone Therapy. Adding on Reiki this treatment is a truly relaxing experience. Resulting in a reduction in stress, anxiety and pain, creating a sense of well-being and harmony. (60 mins)