Eve Taylor Facials

All KT'S Facials are carried out using Eve Taylor Professional Aromatherapy Skin & Body care products. Eve Taylor O.B.E has been creating products with blends of high grade essential oils for over 50 years, with a wide range of products developed to meet each individuals skin care needs. 

These products are gentle and therapeutic, working deeper than the upper layer of skin providing highly effective results. These products are never tested on animals, are packed full of high quality ingredients and all the packaging is recyclable.

Eve Taylor skincare is both used and sold by trained therapists worldwide and is the fastest growing range in the UK. That said Eve Taylor's remains a family run business, manufacturing the products in small batches to ensure purity and freshness and every product holds the Eve Taylor signature - as this is your guarantee that the products used are some of the best in the world. 

Professional- Affordable -Proven -Trusted - Uncomplicated 

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KT'S Holistic Aroma Facial -  £45.00

This relaxing aromatic facial will address your individual skin care needs. Leaving your skin feeling refreshed and your facial muscles feeling relaxed.  Typically include a double cleanse, gentle exfoliation, tone, masque and moisturise. 

Along with a luxurious sinus drainage, muscle relaxing face and decolletage massage with a blend of essential oils to soothe your skin. 

Also includes one complimentary treatment,  choosing from:-  

- Aromatic Hand Massage

- Gentle Head Massage

- Soothing Aromawax Foot Massage

KT'S Luxurious Cowrie Facial -  £50.00

As above with the addition of a warm sumptuous Cowrie shell facial massage to ease away muscular tension and aid product absorption.

KT'S Aroma Bamboo Facial -  £48.00

As above with the added benefits of a luxuriously warm bamboo facial massage to deeply relax your face & decolletage area and open pores to encourage deep penetration of products.

KT'S Holistic Crystal Facial -  £46.00

As above with the added benefits of smooth crystals to gently massage your face and sinuses, soothing nerves and adding a uniquely calming experience to your facial. This facial is particularly beneficial to those  with Rosacea or skin conditions prone to inflammation as the crystals have a cooling effect on the skin. 

KT'S Heavenly Half Hour -  £32.00

Take some time-out for yourself and indulge in one of KT'S very popular Heavenly Half Hour Facial. 

Choose either:-

Cleanse & Relax -

Designed to deeply cleanse and relax facial muscles with a muscle melting face & decolletage massage. This facial includes a double cleanse, tone, aromatic massage and moisturise. 

Refine & Refresh -

Give your skin a boost with a refining facial to gently remove dead skin cells and draw out impurities whilst adding products to deeply moisturise your skin. Double cleanse, gentle exfoliation, tone, masque. (Including a choice of either an Aromatic hand massage OR Gentle Head Massage.)

KT'S Teen Clear Facial -  £25.00

Treat your teenager to a facial with a difference! KT will give skincare advice to young adults & teenagers whilst giving a relaxing soothing facial experience. A great introduction to a successful skin care regime which will tackle problem skin or prevent breakouts with Eve Taylor Teen Clear Skin care range.

This treatment is also ideal during the stressful exam and study leave season to reduce tension. Included in this treatment is a double cleanse, gentle exfoliation, masque & moisturise. Also a choice of either a hand OR head massage. 

Skin Profiling Service -  ​£30.00

Eve Taylor skin profiling analyses by KT includes -

*An in-depth analysis of your facial skin (using techniques of both eastern and western philosophies). 

*Identification of skin concerns, with solutions and advice offered to support skin improvement and overall well -being.

*Express facial using specific products to target areas of concern.

With this service you receive a £10 discount on products purchased over the value of £40.00.