Your appointment at KT’S Complementary Therapies - 

Interim measures.

Please let me know if you, a family member, or work colleague have recently shown symptoms of coronavirus. I will rearrange your appointment as soon as possible.

If you are in/have been in the shield group, then please be guided by the latest government’s advice in relation to your risk in having a treatment.

It does not matter if you need to cancel last minute. There is no cancellation policy whilst coronavirus measures are in place.

When you arrive, I will check your temperature with a non-contact temperature reader.

You will then be asked to use the hand gel provided in the front hall.

For your appointment you must be wearing a face covering. If you do not have one a disposable mask will be provided for you. Instructions on donning and doffing a mask are at the sanitizer station in the front hall.

Please be aware I will be wearing PPE in line with current government guidelines during your treatment.

Please dispose of your mask if provided by me directly into the bin at the sanitising station on your way out. Once again please see donning and doffing instructions.

If you require to use the bathroom or wish to wash your hands instead of using gel sanitiser, could you please use the paper towels provided and dispose of in pedal bin.

As always, a consultation will be carried out before each treatment to assess your current health status, including coronavirus related questions.

Water as always will be provided; however disposable cups will be used. Please bin these at the sanitise station on your way out. Alternatively, please feel free to bring your own bottled water.

On leaving KT’S Complementary Therapies please use hand gel once again. I will open all doors for your exit.

I would prefer if you could pay by card or direct banking to avoid the handling of money. If this is not possible could you, please bring the correct payment.

These measures are in place to help protect you, your family, myself, and my family and all my clients who visit KT’S.

Thank you for your understanding.

Katie Russell